Let’s do this

When I first had the idea to create a website I was filled with uncertainty. I wasn’t sure what I had to offer that wasn’t already available online, and I wasn’t hooked on the idea of blogging. But my perception changed as I discovered what it’s really about. Blogs are a resource where you can share your work and interests. They are places that encourage  stimulating discussions that help others navigate topics you’re passionate about. It’s a place where people find their passion. Blogs, and the people behind them, have taught me more than I learned in school and they continue to help me improve on a daily basis. What if those people had kept their thoughts, their knowledge, and their ideas to themselves ???

After all, this is what the internet is about, and you can limit yourself to just being a user or you can contribute. I’m not sure what this website/blog will become but I know that if it is one day useful to at least one other person then it’s worth doing.

So, I guess you could say that the people I follow inspired me to finally follow through and share my own knowledge and experience – so here it is.

The  name data shapes reflects what I have been most passionate about the past couple of years – computational and algorithmic design. When a professor at the University of Houston first introduced me to computational design it took time for me to realize the full potential of that method of thinking and those kinds of tools. But when it hit me it hit me. Computational design is exactly where my two trades meet : architecture and building engineering. I view this fusion as a transversal revolution that affects the history of a construction project through every single step, from sketch and form finding to construction and management. I find each and every aspect of computational design compelling, and I’m going to share for those who are interested enough to follow.

Let’s do this.

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